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AnalogMan Sunface fuzz pedals are among some of the most sought-after pedals in the world.

These pedals have gained a significant reputation for their high-quality construction and exceptional tonal range. AnalogMan is known for their commitment to using the highest quality components in their pedals and this pedal is no different. There is an option for customers to supply their own transistors when purchasing one of these pedals, but if they don’t meet the high standards of the AnalogMan team, they won’t be used.

From their initial launch, the Sunface fuzz pedals have gained a cult-like following, with many guitarists claiming that they are the best fuzz pedals available.

Purchasing one of these pedals on the second hand market can be rather pricey and whilst the waitlist for these isn’t as extreme as the King of Tone, it’s not something you can just grab off the shelf. However, if you want to build your own, you can grab a kit from one of the fantastic suppliers below.

*Please note that these are not licensed copies of the pedals that they are immitating and whilst they are designed to acheive the same sound, there may be some differences.

I am not affiliated in any way with the companies mentioned on this page and I do not receive any sort of commission for featuring them on my site.

Happy building!

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