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Boost pedals are designed to increase the overall volume of your guitar signal without adding any distortion or altering the tonal character of your guitar. They are ideal for guitarists who want to boost their volume during a solo or lead section of a song, or to push their amp into overdrive for a more naturally distorted sound.

Some popular boost pedals include the TC Electronic Spark Mini Boost, the Xotic EP Booster, the Keeley Katana Boost, and the MXR Micro Amp. These pedals typically come in compact sizes, making them easy to fit onto a pedalboard along with other effects pedals.

When using a boost pedal, you can adjust the volume and gain settings to find the right balance between the level of boost and the clarity of your guitar signal. Many boost pedals also feature EQ controls to further shape your tone and make sure it cuts through the mix.

DIY Boost Pedal Kits

Below, you'll find a number of DIY guitar effects pedal kits & PCB's based on original DIY Boost pedals from famous brands. If there are any other pedals that you'd like to see featured, please get in touch and let me know.

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