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Boss Guitar Effects Pedals are popular among guitar players for their reliability and range of effects. Boss pedals have been a stable on some of the most recognisable boards in the guitar world. Some of the most popular Boss pedals include:

1. DS-1 Distortion: A classic distortion pedal used by many guitarists, known for its gritty and aggressive tone.

2. CE-2 Chorus: A classic chorus pedal that produces a lush, swirling sound.

3. DD-3 Digital Delay: A versatile delay pedal with a range of delay times and modes.

4. PH-3 Phaser: A versatile phaser pedal with a range of phase shifting effects.

5. RC-1 Loop Station: A pedal that allows guitarists to loop and layer their playing, creating multi-part arrangements.

6. TU-3 Chromatic Tuner: THE guitar tuner pedal that is accurate and easy to use. I’ve owned one of these since 2010 and would never swap it out.

There are more than 120 Boss pedals available, each with its own unique sound and features but all utilising the same iconic footprint.

Boss DIY Pedal Kits

Below, you'll find a number of DIY guitar effects pedal kits & PCB's based on original pedals from Boss. If there are any other pedals from Boss or kit/PCB suppliers that you'd like to see featured, please get in touch and let me know.

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