DIY Boss VB-2 Vibrato

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Boss VB 2 Vibrato

The Boss VB2 Vibrato Pedal is a classic vintage-style vibrato pedal that was made by the company Boss for use in electric guitar setups. The pedal has a simple design and controls that make it easy to use and dial in a great sounding vibrato effect. The pedal has three main controls: Speed, Depth and Wave. The Speed control regulates the speed of the vibrato effect, the Depth controls the intensity of the vibrato and the Wave control adjusts the waveform of the vibrato. With these controls, you can dial in a wide range of vibrato effects to suit your playing style.

If you’re looking to build your own version of the Boss VB2 Vibrato Pedal, you can do so with relative ease. You’ll need a few components, including a potentiometer, a foot switch, an LED, a few capacitors, resistors and transistors, as well as a few other parts. Additionally, you’ll need a few tools such as a soldering iron, some solder, wire-strippers, etc.

Once you have all the necessary components and tools, you can start building your own version of the Boss VB2 Vibrato Pedal. The first step is to solder all the components together according to the schematic diagram. After you have soldered everything together, you can then test the pedal to make sure it’s working properly and make any necessary adjustments.

Once your Boss VB2 Vibrato Pedal is all put together, you can start experimenting with different settings to get the exact sound you’re looking for. With a little patience and practice, you can build a great sounding vibrato pedal that will be a great addition to your pedalboard.

*Please note that these are not licensed copies of the pedals that they are immitating and whilst they are designed to acheive the same sound, there may be some differences.

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Happy building!

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